Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion

Until very recently, he represented the ultimate symbol of the the wealth. But the Gold Bar becomes from now on one of the most popular forms of the physical gold. This reversal of trend is especially understandable by the recent craze of the private individuals for the gold.

What is the weight of a gold bar?

The Gold Bullion 1 kg represents the most classic version and generally weigh between 995 grams and 1005 grams.

Gold, a safe Investment

A golden ingot is a block of refined gold compound of fine gold in at least 995 % and on which must be engraved its weight, its title, its trial number, the brand of the caster and the awl of the tester. Every ingot is accompanied with a trial bulletin on which represent the number of ingot, the weight of the ingot and its weight of fine gold, the title, the name of the caster and the signature of the tester. The caster must be recognized on the international markets. If you want to invest in precious metals, strengthen your estate by coupling your gold purchase with silver bullions.

Minted Bar or Casted Bar ?

There are two main ways of creating gold bars, and these methods produce completely different results.

casted bars

The casted Gold Bar

The process of casting of gold bars exists since millenniums. It is enough to melt metal and pour it in a mould designed to contain a certain weight and to create a certain form. The bullion is then single, it has traces of moulding. It is the simplest method and the fastest to create a gold bullion.

This process is so fast and inexpensive for the producer, that it is best >the value for money to invest.




2 minted Gold barsThe minted Gold Bar

There are minted bullion by any sizes.

The minting process creates a bar that is cleaner, straighter. The minting process creates a bar that is cleaner, straighter. It allows for more intricate designs, but it also requires a little more time, effort and money.

The minted gold bars are slightly more expensive than the casted gold bars.


Gold Price today

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